Trinity Park
Fort Worth, Texas

I am the Open Educational Resources Librarian at the University of Texas at Arlington. I spent 10 years in k-12 public education and have experience as a middle school classroom teacher, curriculum writer, and digital learning specialist. I have worked with all stakeholders in this realm as a learning guide and thought partner to support and reach goals. I have also spent the last 3 years working closely with Texas Woman’s University Department of Literacy and Learning as an adjunct professor and special projects course assistant.  

My expertise is unique, niched, and still broad. Growing up, I never really knew what I wanted to “be”, I just knew that I wanted to “know”. First, I wanted to be an astronaut, then a forensic pathologist, then pharmacy. I also loved the performing arts. I’ll tell the story of how I fell into education as a blog post another time and link it here. My point is that my interests are wide and varied. I am most fulfilled when my purpose is to know, think, guide, and support. I love thinking around, though, and multidimensionally into problems and finding innovative solutions. Dreaming is my biggest strength. I have a lot of ideas and I am good at designing, maintaining, and updating processes.  

My core interests lie in education, all things literacy, technology/innovation, open education, and human rights. I love researching and learning about all things, because everything is built upon the way we educate and engage with our people.  

Imposter syndrome has plagued me up until now. Some days it still hits. But I know and stand firmly for who I am and what I believe in now. I am finally able to fulfill what I believe is my true purpose, which is to speak for those who can’t through research, innovation, and advocacy.  

Outside of my career, I am a quirky January 89′ baby who is an Aquarius to a T. I am a die-hard Friends fan who can crush just about any Friends Trivia quiz. I speak fluent sarcasm and have non-mainstream views on most issues. I decorate cakes, paint, and enjoy being in nature. My son made me a mom in 2016 and together we love crafting, any kind of art/self-expression, and nature.  

This is one of those times where I am not sure how to end this piece, so I am going to leave it open. No pun intended.