January 11th, 2024

I am trying really hard to get into the habit of journaling. I feel like I have so much to say and writing it down feels difficult. I find that I can process and ‘spill’ my thoughts more easily when I have an authentic audience to listen. I don’t really have an audience for my daily thoughts yet. I don’t know how I want to or even how to get that reach. I am definitely getting closer.

I have spent the past few months since I got hired in October, figuring out my work style. I have so much space here to work, research, think, write, and create that it is a little overwhelming (not in a bad way). I found a hybrid (office/work from home) balance that works for me. It allows me to be available to pick up my son from school, provides a distraction free setting for me to dive into reading, writing, and creating, and gives me power of my work life balance. I am so grateful for this space.

I am now working on figuring out my reading-writing-creating process. I have been experimenting with different research management and note taking tools over the past few months. I am working to find a streamlined process with as few different tools as possible. We have the Microsoft suite available to us through the university, but I can’t share my notes through a OneNote Notebook publicly. I am limited to sharing with the UTA community. This is fine, but not in line with my values as an open practitioner. So, I had to cross OneNote from my list.

I am close to figuring out my strategy and process. I am using Zotero to collect, manage, read, and annotate my resources. After reading and annotating, I am copying my annotations and notes over to a Notion Notebook to analyze and write more about. I am new to Notion but I have known about it for a while. I have reached a point in my experimental research where I am ready to dive into Notion to see what it can do for me.

My first impression of Notion is that is incredibly robust and that I may be able to project manage my entire life from this one tool. I am excited to dive in and try. I am amazed with the number of templates, features, and capabilities within Notion. More to come on this experience.

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