The One Where I Change Mediums

I have been procrastinating on this next blog post. I am still trying to find my groove in this journey of open learning and deciding on a topic to write about for this blog is a productive challenge.

Open Learning: Personally & Professionally

My goal is to open both my professional and personal learning. I am not sure which is more uncomfortable to share openly. 😅 However, I say “uncomfortable” but please know that I use this word positively. I lean into discomfort these days. It is where I do the most learning!  

I am starting with a personal learning project—watercolor painting. I have been painting with acrylics for about 6 years and have really enjoyed the medium. I started as many people do, at a Painting with a Twist event. Painting is an outlet for self-expression, and I love the forgiving and imperfect nature of it. I have always been drawn to the whimsy of watercolor and just have not made the leap to trying it out.  

Discovering Watercolor

Recently, I came across a watercolor tutorial guide called Watercolor the Easy Way, by Sara Berrenson. The guide includes 50 beautiful, 30-minute, watercolor projects and a ton of helpful tips and techniques. I also purchased a compact watercolor palette and a pretty journal to collect my paintings.  

As I mentioned in my inaugural post, writing things down and journaling are a challenge and do not feel natural for me. This blog is a huge step toward my growth in this area. I love the idea of journalling, but I have struggled for years to keep up with one. I cannot tell you how many beautiful physical journals I have bought and started writing in over the years. I could build a library of just-started journals from various times in my life. Interestingly, I often notice a pattern of feeling the writing/journal itch when I am experiencing change/transition or trauma in my life. I am sure this is the universe’s way to push me toward this outlet. I admit it feels good after I finish.

A Visual Diary

With my watercolor venture, I am trying something different. Instead of keeping a written journal (my blog is really taking care of this) I am going to keep a watercolor journal. The first 50 pages will be the lovely tutorial pictures in Sara’s guide and after that, the sky is the limit! I hope to build a habit of self-expression through journaling, and I am excited to share my progress openly!   

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