The One Where I Get Accepted!

I am ecstatic to share some fantastic news: I have been accepted into the prestigious EON Certificate in Open Education Librarianship 2024 Cohort! This opportunity marks a significant milestone in my personal learning journey, and I am buzzing with excitement about what lies ahead. 

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The Journey Begins: A Dream Come True 

I have been a librarian for a little over a month and have had the most fun diving into everything Open Education. The EON Certificate program is a perfect starting point and foundation builder and is a lovely blend of my passions and professional aspirations. As I embark on this new chapter, I am filled with a sense of eagerness and anticipation. 

Fostering Relationships, Belonging, and Engagement 

At the heart of my journey is a deep commitment to building meaningful connections and relationships. The essence of open education lies in the connections we forge and the sense of belonging we create within our learning communities. My focus during this program will be to enhance my skills in nurturing these relationships, fostering a sense of belonging, and actively engaging with peers, mentors, and learners from diverse backgrounds. 

Setting Goals and Embracing New Learning 

As I step into this new learning adventure, I have set some specific goals for myself: 

Exploring Innovative Practices in Open Education 

I aim to dive deeper into the innovative practices that are shaping the future of open education. This includes understanding the latest trends, tools, and technologies that make learning more accessible and inclusive.  

Part of my role is to stay up to date on the current research and to dream of what could come next. I have always had a deep interest in innovative learning. As a classroom teacher, I was constantly searching for new, different, and more accessible ways to meet my students where they were and to connect meaningfully with them. I wanted to communicate through my learning design and choices that they were seen, cared for, and considered.  

Enhancing Digital Literacy and Resource Management 

A key area of focus will be to continue to enhance my digital literacy skills, particularly in managing and curating open educational resources. This skill is crucial in today’s digital-first learning environment. As a digital learning specialist in a K-12 district, I developed strong curation, capacity building, and resource management skills. I am excited to have these strengths under my belt as I enter this program and to build upon them through the perspective of Open Education! 

Relationships, Advocacy, and Policy Development 

I am eager to learn more about advocacy strategies and policy development in open education. I believe that advocating for open educational practices is vital for creating a more equitable and accessible learning landscape.  

My institution is advanced in the realm of OER adoption and implementation, thanks to a rock-star director and one-woman-show, until recently! Now that we have an OER Team, we have so much more leverage and team-power to really dive in and make a difference.

Our community understands that OER provides savings and cost avoidance for students and that this benefit of OER promotes student success. I see affordability as the “gateway benefit” of OER—the one that everyone has heard, and we have really hit that one home. However, I see past this benefit. Not that it isn’t great, saving money is amazing, and it absolutely makes education more accessible, but there is more to be learned about how Open Education Practices support social justice, the community’s feelings of belonging and engagement, how creating OER can help faculty research to be more accessible and visible, and what/how an institution’s choice to support and promote Open Education Practices communicates about their heart as a learning institution. I have so many questions. Affordability is old news. I am ready to take my community deeper into the realm of what is possible with Open Education and OER.  

Personal Growth and Professional Development 

This journey is not just about acquiring new skills, but also about personal growth. I look forward to the self-discovery and professional development that this program will offer. I am excited to have this opportunity so early in my career as an OER Librarian. Not only will I be learning all about Open Education Librarianship, but I will also have the chance to practice my own Open Learning!

A Journey of Growth and Discovery 

As I set out on this incredible journey with the EON Certificate in Open Education Librarianship, I am reminded of the power of lifelong learning and the joy it brings. Growing up, I never really knew what I wanted to be. I just knew that I wanted to know. This role, this opportunity, this institution is giving me the most amazing gift. I get to research, think, learn, collaborate and try things in the interest of student success and sharing knowledge as my career!

I am excited to share my experiences, learnings, and insights with you throughout this blog/open learning project. 

Stay tuned for more updates as I navigate this exciting opportunity!

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