Beyond OER: Embracing a Comprehensive Open Culture

In the latest issue of the Texas Library Journal, an article by the University of Houston OER Librarian, Kathy McNally Carter, “Supporting Open Pedagogy as a Path to Student Engagement,” particularly resonated with me. Carter discusses how open pedagogy empowers students as co-creators of knowledge, transforming traditional educational […]

The Open Road to Equity: Navigating Open Educational Practices 

This post is a reflective response to “Framing Open Educational Practices from a Social Justice Perspective” by Bali, M., Cronin, C., & Jhangiani, R. S. (2020). It explores the multifaceted nature of Open Educational Practices (OEP), emphasizing the need for diverse, equity-focused strategies in education. […]

The One Where I Balance AI, Ethics, and Mental Health in Academia 

I want to share something deeply personal and professionally significant – my journey with AI (Artificial Intelligence), specifically ChatGPT, in academia. It’s not just about the technology; it’s about how I navigate it with integrity, innovation, and a mindful approach to my mental health.  Understanding […]